Above: Forester friends (L-R) Bob Laubach and Tom Strausbaugh dressed for a day of timber marking. (Not pictured is Richard Snook.) Tom has since retired a 2nd time from forestry, but Bob & Richard (both 4-yr. degree foresters) are contracted to handle much of my timber cruising/ marking responsibilities.

Why choose Mark E. Holman?

    I am a native of Union County, Pennsylvania. My bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Wildlife was earned from Virginia Tech and my Master’s degree in Wildlife Management is from West Virginia University. I am a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc., and have working as a full-time consulting forester since 1989. I have a staff of two part-time foresters (see photo insert) and currently sell two to three million board foot of standing timber per year.

    As a consulting forester, I offer a complete timber management and marketing service. My services typically include:

  • Boundary determination
  • Measuring and marking trees for cutting based on your objectives
  • Calculating board foot value by species
  • Creating and mailing sale prospectus to over 40 potential buyers
  • Conduct showing of timber to prospective buyers
  • Administering opening of sealed bids
  • Obtaining performance deposit to protect restoration of property
  • Overseeing entire logging operation
  • Enforcing terms of the contract
    Other services are available, including developing forestry and wildlife management plans.

    It is my goal to help landowners make smart choices when considering the sale of their timber. My job, as the landowner’s agent, is to know what your timber is worth and to make sure that you receive full value for your property.

    Since my only payment is a commission based on the top bid received, I have a financial stake in your timber as well. No money is required “up front.” My fee is not due until payment is received for the timber.

My job is not done until the contract terms have been satisfied.

Call me now and schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. There is no obligation.